asking yazmi noah samra about 7 wonders plan for open learning development millennials

is this summary in line with your plan --search for 7 social action movements ageeing with

Pro-youth (livelihoods) education is core to development/inter-generation economics and sustainability goals

and if so what can we do so amy can continue her extraordinary way through reforming every hurdle chinese education has thrown at her and?millions of peer girls.

(Rome asked for a debrief that i need to file by end of next week)


7 Movements to open learn

How do they empower millennials interaction

7 Yazmi only elearning satellite with reach to over 100 nations across?africa?and?asia

Reach every child and teacher with catalogue of pro-youth curriculum choices

Critical order of content display

6 Benchmark job-led curricula gamechanger- maharishi institute?south africa


5 year national goal - teenagers to co-create 1 million additional jobs in due to optimal curricula and support from last year of schooling onwards

5 Pope and Jim??curricula-?which profession can you POP next ..POP=Preferential Option Poor

Open learning Cases led out of s.american (Chile-Peru) partners include health and faith -and out of asia at?brac?banking and?education - which sectors to linkin young professionals to bank on next

Mobile women4empowerment curricula from bangladeshs grameen phone partners to?kenyas?first ladies mobile empowerment to amarita university nanotech innovation for poor in association with?unai??and?leading university partners including?Singapore,Cambridge?and?Oxford

Students are invited to action labs- intern with a village problem- take it back to university and change global poverty curriculum through action learning


Leadership partners are invited to mobile leapfrog- eg mobile telecoms connects villages that industrial era never reached with phones or electricity

Search first step?first step?china-korea-japan millennials sustainability goal worldwide collaboration leadership

?Create millennials ambassador club led by futures most pro-youth teachers and energised through open tech hubs and global social value mentors to top uni





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